Doing Sure Boosts Knowing By David Williams

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the volume and variety of information that bombards you from all directions. For a better longevity, how do you know what to focus on?

Knowledge Beats Information

Knowledge is relevant information. That’s fine, but how do you decide what’s relevant? At My Longevity we developed the SHAPE Analyser as the first step to enable you to focus on what’s relevant for you – because each of us is unique.  With a better idea of yourself and what’s relevant to you, you’re ready for the next step. You have a framework for that step to make the best of your longevity – the rest of your life. To make the best of it, you need to commit to doing (or not doing) certain things. Now there’s the challenge!

Doing Boosts Knowing

There’s a heap of evidence that many of us stop at this point. But your longevity is a journey, and we know that journeys require preparation – a plan.

What should your plan achieve? A good plan breaks down the journey into the important pieces that you can separately deal with and resolve – some now, some later. A good plan enables doing to begin – piece by piece. At first it takes longer to sort out each piece, but each step of doing adds confidence that you can make a realistic plan.

This is why a good longevity plan outlines the journey and then identifies the actions that will help you make the best of it – step by step. Over time, some of the decisions and actions will need change – which you have already learnt how to deal with.

With your own plan, it’s much easier to consult with professional advisers and family about other key decisions that affect your longevity journey – your health, finances and estate planning. You will have learnt how to do this effectively as you work through your plan.


Breaking down your longevity journey like this helps you realise you can take more control of your longevity than you might have thought. It’s a learning journey so you develop a mindset that builds confidence and results in a rewarding sense of achievement.


Full subscribers already know that our only interest is to support you in your journey, empowering you to enlist such professional and family engagement as necessary. In supporting your plan actions, we add to your knowledge regularly and remind you of matters for your attention. If you have a partner, we support you to encourage them to enjoy the same opportunity as you to make the best of their life. Enjoy the journey! Review and update your plan here.

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