New scientific information about longevity is being published all the time. We rely on reputable sources including professional journals, books with substantial bibliographies, websites of entities with a professional interest in the field, life insurance companies (both published and privately obtained) and actuarial publications.

The SHAPE analyser brings together all this information in a useful way.

Our Subscribers can access this information at any time. It is linked to the actions we suggest in your own Longevity Plan. Subscribers also receive new information about longevity as it comes to hand and guidance on how it may influence their Plan.

There are many factors outside your control that could affect your longevity, such as accidents, significant chronic conditions and the onset of life-threatening diseases. The SHAPE framework is designed to help you to better understand and manage your potential longevity - it doesn't guarantee it!

Please discuss with your medical advisers any issues that you feel could significantly affect your longevity as estimated by SHAPE and adapt your outlook and actions accordingly.

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