How To Stay On Track With Your Life By David Williams

Longer-term issues are often pushed aside as we deal with more interesting issues or pressing challenges, only to have them re-surface as you seek to get back on track. You’re not on your own with this, so longevity planning includes Longer Term Steps and makes them simple for you to progress even as other issues arise to distract you.

Our research makes the work of others accessible to you, often through links in your own longevity plan. To support older people and their families, Advance Care Planning (government funded) is promoting better preparation for some key aspects of healthy ageing.

Health is one of several factors that influences how we make the best of things. In planning your own longevity, the first step is establishing your personal time frame, its typical stages and your initial action plans – all of which your longevity plan provides for you.

As you refine your thoughts, your personal commitment and engagement with others enrich the possibilities of making the best of it. We are each different, so we benefit from different perspectives. Advance Care Planning has published a useful approach to this in a recent Fact Sheet you can access here. You will find other more specific links to their services in some of the Longer-Term steps in your own longevity plan.

As your own planning progresses, you develop valuable common ground to share with others on the same journey – the rest of their life. This supports a more positive outlook for you through a stronger sense of control, so you stay on track.

Through this, your longevity plan also provides an increasingly refined context for possible discussions with advisers in health, financial and estate planning. Making the best of your own life benefits from well-prepared engagement with others.

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