Reward Yourself One Sure Step At A Time By David Williams

Life’s a journey. For any journey, a sense of how long plus a plan really helps us to make the best of it.

In our life journey, things change constantly. We can get the best out of change and handle negatives if we have a reasonable sense of our journey in place.

The longevity journey is getting longer, and the twists and turns are understood better than ever. Having a plan for our longevity frames our future as we see it now and allows us to make informed decisions and changes along the way.

Getting on the road is usually the busiest part of all journeys and it’s the same with your longevity journey. The initial longevity plan that comes with your SHAPE Analyser results is designed to give you a taste of how to get organized – and you can try it step by step. Your plan comes with a suggested action for every step to encourage you to engage and make it your step once you commit to the journey.

Community progress

As the proportion of older people in the community grows, it is bombarded by the promotion of services and products across all fields. Coverage of health, diet, exercise, financial services, property, aged care and estate planning is increasingly visible. It’s hard not to be distracted, but your longevity plan can keep you on track.

Invest in your plan

Investing in your longevity planning is more than just a modest financial step. It signals your commitment to make the rest of your life as enjoyable and meaningful as possible.

At each step in your planning, the broad issue is explained along with a suggested action. You can engage with the detail over time, so it’s not too daunting. Subscribers receive regular reminders to revisit a specific part of their plan to keep the ball rolling.

Your reward is a growing sense of achievement and confidence in making the other important decisions in your life.  All of which benefit from the clear sense of where your journey is taking you.


The best of the rest of your life starts with your longevity plan!

In just a few minutes you can find out how your longevity could look, why and what you can do about it.

Over 270,000 people have begun their journey here.

Your benefits include:

  • Personalise and update your plan at any time
  • Easy first steps for a healthier life
  • Longer term steps to manage your future
  • A knowledge library as your personal resource
  • Guide your conversations with advisers & family
  • Video prompts to assist you with your plan
  • Monthly articles, reminders, and special webinars
  • You can share, modify and print your plan

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