You Can Cut Your Longevity Pressure By David Williams

Where you can do it, prevention is always a better strategy than seeking a cure. Longevity planning identifies key issues in making the best of your longevity, and documents how you can go about this.

High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart, stroke, kidney and blood vessel disease. It is frequently associated with smoking, having high cholesterol, being overweight and having diabetes. However, it rarely has warning signs.

High blood pressure is more likely to occur as you get older; one in two people over age 65
in Australia has high blood pressure.

Good longevity planning is a protective strategy. Your blood pressure is one of the elements of your heart health that should be on your ‘must review’ list which should be routinely followed up with your doctor from midlife onwards. If you are over 45 (over 30 if you are of Indigenous descent) you can get your blood pressure and heart management in place with a free Medicare Healthy Heart Check from your GP.  More about this here.

We get more different from each other over time, not more alike. Understanding about yourself is the first step in longevity planning. Taking appropriate action and following through is a key function of your Longevity Plan.

To support your heart health, the Heart Foundation provides a valuable blood pressure planning tool with more insights into managing blood pressure here.

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