5 Steps to Happier Longevity By David Williams

Our longevity is a journey – the rest of our life. Despite the ups and downs of the past year, there has been great progress in understanding longevity and what we can each do about it.

In that spirit we offer some suggestions to make 2021 a year to remember for good reasons!

Positive mindset

During the year we have seen the value of a positive mindset in taking advantage of increasing longevity. Many readers are already living longer than expected when born and enjoying their longevity bonus. The typical stages of longevity (as per your SHAPE Analyser results) suggest that most of our remaining life will be independent – which can be a good start for making the best of 2021.

People contacts

A feature of recent longevity research over recent years has been that regular, meaningful people contact is a basic requirement of healthy living as we age.

The pandemic experience has shown how important this is for people both in and outside aged care facilities. It also showed up in Subscriber responses to their regular SHAPE Analyser results.


For most people, taking informed action through prevention is a much better strategy than relying on cure.

This is increasingly so for dementia and many other afflictions that tend to appear in later life but have their roots much earlier.

It is also rewarding to realise that the basics – exercise, diet, ongoing cognitive engagement and regular social contacts – underpin a positive approach to many aspects of a happier and healthier life.


Pets and people are good for each other. They can counter feelings of loss of control, loss of confidence and for some, an increasing sense of isolation. It’s why pet ownership has risen during the pandemic.

Depending on the type of pet, there’s some evidence of an association between pet ownership and coping better with the activities of daily life.


If you are a new member you can find more information on some of these ideas in our recent articles at the foot of the home page.

More information is in the Knowledge library available to Longevity Plan subscribers.

Happiness can be an unexpected pleasure. We can plan for it too. That way we get the satisfaction of achieving something we set out do as well as the pleasure of the actual occasion. We can also identify when things are not going to plan and change direction.

Planning supports a happier longevity. Best wishes for a happier year in 2021.